Rhino Coffee Gear 4 pack Barista Cloth set

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Rhino Coffee Gear 

This set has been developed to assist cleaning and maintaining coffee machine in a commercial and home use.

using a unique blend of polymide and polyester , these heavy duty cloths do an outstanding job of keeping coffee machine equipment clean and ready for coffee production and adding a professional clean effective set up to your coffee space.

Pack Includes:

Coffee Cloth (brown) with Belt Clip

No more will your cloth be out of reach!
This heavy-duty cloth simply attaches to your belt or apron clip so it is always within reach for quick and easy removal of coffee waste from group handles and filters. It measures a generous 310 mm x 600mm.

2 x Steam Wand Cloth (blue)

Don’t let Milk residue build up on your steam wand any longer it is tough to remove once dried. But having a clean cloth to hand to wipe down your wand. The Rhino Steam wand cloths measures 200mm x 200mm and is Best used damp, this is the ideal cloth for quick and easy removal of milk residue after every use. Because no one likes a dirty wand!

Multi-Purpose Cloth (black)

You want your coffee station clean and ready to produce café-quality coffee - so you need a cloth that lasts longer and works harder than disposable cloths and sponges. The Rhino multi-purpose cloth is hard wearing to commercial standards, and at 310mm x 310mm is the perfect size for cleaning and polishing your coffee machine back to sparkling new state and removing any fingerprints it obtains without any scratching.

Washing instructions: Wash separately or with lint-free articles. Do not use fabric softener. Remove clip before washing (where applicable).

Nobody wants to compromise on the quality of the coffee their machine delivers. Purchase the Rhino Coffee Barista Cloth Set, and your coffee equipment will never look cleaner or perform better. Perfect as a gift to complete your coffee lover’s kit.