Quality Control


YO1 Coffee is a wonderfully fresh item and all of the YO1 Coffee range is small batch roasted. From the moment it has been master roasted, it is packaged and sent to us ready to ship out to you each month for subscription date.

YO1 Coffee works closely with our roaster (Masteroast) and places orders specifically for the subscription. They arrive with us 1-3 days after roasting, then we ship straight to you.

Our roasted coffee is packed in re-sealable pouches with one-way air valves that let naturally occurring CO2 out, but stop air getting in - this keeps the coffee as fresh as possible for as long as possible.  However, we recommend that coffee is best used within 3-4 months of the roasted-on date... but our quality best before shelf live is up to 12 months.

We recommend only storing in a dry space out of direct sunlight using the re-sealable to help preserve the freshness and aroma of the coffee. We also only recommend grinding what you need for your brew, one at a time as fresh ground coffee loses its aroma and the quality diminishes quickly.

Never place in the fridge or freezer!