What is YO1 coffee subscription?

A YO1 coffee subscription is a service that delivers freshly small batch roasted speciality single origin and Blended coffee direct to your door

How much coffee is in a subscription box?

You're in control of how much coffee you'd like each month.

We offer three options - a monthly 1 x bag monthly subscription, 2 x bag subscription a Quarterly sub and the annual upfront sub super saver.

Currently we sell our coffee in 500g bags.

Members can also add additional bags to their subscription each month upon request.

How much does it cost?

Our subscriptions have 3 payment options how much coffee you want.

A 500g bag subscription costs £15-£16 plus shipping, a 2x500g bag subscription costs £28-£30 free shipping.

Upfront annual 1x500g signature blend per month is £160 or £175 for single origin coffee.

What coffee making methods is the coffee suitable for?

Please contact us to discuss your brew method if in doubt. We are happy to discuss how our coffee be best served.

How does this subscription model work anyway?

You'll be billed each month on the 1st of each (which you can do at any time).

We then pack and ship your subscription of that months fresh batched coffee to you by the 5th or 6th of each month to ensure that your coffee is as freshly roasted as possible.

New orders placed after the 1st  are sent asap before then having the next month shipped as normal on the 5th or 6th

Once the coffee is dispatched you will receive an email confirming that it’s on its way.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes - you are completely in control of your monthly subscription and you may cancel at any time before your next payment date. However, we would be sad for this to happen and would like your feedback if it is something about our service, which we can improve upon in the future.

Can I buy the coffee as a gift?

Yes, you can buy a subscription as a gift for someone.

Simply change your delivery address upon check out.

How will my subscription box get to me?

All our boxes are shipped each month using the Royal Mail service.

When will I receive my coffee?

The charge date for orders each month is the 16th. We aim to ship as soon after this date as we can once all the coffee has been freshly roasted and delivered to us - typically this is the first Wednesday after the cut-off date.

Once we have shipped the subscriptions, you will receive an email confirming dispatch.

If you order between the 16th and the last day of the month we will send a box straight out to you as long as we still have stock of the coffee.

I don’t live in the UK, can I still subscribe?

At the moment we only offer delivery on our UK subs.

Please contact our sales team (sales@yo1coffee.co.uk) who’d be happy to deal with your enquiry, we would first need to look at shipping cost to your region. 

Will the coffee fit through my letterbox?

Unfortunately not. The subscriptions ship as a Royal Mail small parcel and won’t fit through a standard letter box.

Please ensure you have your special instruction left to leave with a neighbour on your order upon checkout.

Do you roast your own coffee?

Not at present, we use Masteroast as our Roasting partner who have 20 years plus of roasting coffee. We love the process and science of coffee roasting but wanted to gain this knowledge by working with a partner which gives us the time to develop and grow as a company before we move into a full roasting site. We are more than happy to leave this part of the process in the capable hands of our roasting partner.

How do you select your coffees?

YO1 is about Quality and Sustainability. We want you get the greatest selection of coffee to enjoy. To achieve this, we liaise closely with our roaster to source and roast our selected coffee that is not massed produce or machine farmed and is where possible in season.

We understand that using the seasonal coffee produced and small batch roasting helps ensure we provide quality and freshness products that you should enjoy.

My coffee has not turned up yet?

Occasionally a parcel might go missing in transit. If you haven’t received your coffee, then please do get in touch with us (sales@yo1coffee.co.uk) and we’ll check the tracking details, sort out the issue and get you drinking your YO1 roasted coffee as quickly as possible

I didn’t really like the coffee I purchased?

We’re really sorry to hear this - coffee is very subjective.

Please get in touch with us though, as we love to get feedback from our members to help us continually improve the service as we look to extend our range of blends and rotating single origins coffee.

*Note that unfortunately we can't accept returns of opened coffee.

I really loved your coffee but I’ve run out, how can I buy more?

Oh dear we cant have that, we love that you love the coffee. We’d recommend that you get in touch with our sales team who would be happy to discuss upgrading your subscription or you can simply purchase an additional bag whenever you are running low through the month.

Do you have any guides to help me brew my coffee?

Yes we do.  Our Coffee bags have a basic grind settings for some brew method, to allow you to form as a guide how to for desire method.

Please feel free to contact Jon direct (jon.mooney@yo1coffee.co.uk) who’d be more than happy to discuss or simply send a guide and his recipe based on your brewing choice. He really loves talking coffee!

We are looking to develop some brew videos on our blog page and via our social media pages.