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Our Story

"You wake up on a cool, frosty morning. Warm sunlight streaming through the curtain. All warm and cosy under the duvet, you get the alluring smell of freshly brewed coffee."

Coffee can be that one thing in your busy schedule that pulls you back to the present, it can make you forget negativity and help truly appreciate the simple pleasures that's surrounding you. Like chatting with a friend over coffee, or sitting alone outside on spring evening looking at the pink sky as the sun sets.

To me this is what coffee is all about. Its the emotions it brings; contentment, calming and comforting. This is why I started this business, to share and help others enjoy the true meaning of coffee.

Having worked in the coffee industry for a number of years, working alongside the customer base and liaising with coffee roasters has helped me gain experience and developed my love for coffee. This has given me the courage to want to share my own values of how coffee should be portrayed and sold by starting this milestone.

YO1 coffee values customer service, we want to achieve individuality and personalisation, with more of a relaxed approach to the corporate world whilst becoming that loyal coffee partner you can trust. If you think about it, I mean coffee is enjoyed more when there is time to slowly savour the taste.

We understand that each and every company is individual and have their own story to tell, we want to help those achieve their own journey with the help of our carefully selected coffee and expertise.

We have built a strong relationship with our roaster, and our products are carefully selected for everyone to enjoy. Each product tells a different memory and I am sure different memories for others as well.