Brazil Yellow Bourbon

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Located in Brazil's famous Cerrado region, which covers almost a quarter of the country, Daterra is a remarkable farm that holds the distinction of being the world's first grade A rainforest certified farm. The farm is home to diverse range of birds and wildlife, including toucans, burrowing owls, squirrel monkeys, and maned wolves. Daterra is committed to preserving nature, with more than 60% of their land dedicated to nature reserves.

To ensure the highest quality, the farm is divided into multiple lots, each overseen by an agronomist who tends to the specific coffee varietal and its unique.

To ensure the taste meets their expectations, a sample is picked, processed, and roasted before the specific lot is selected for picking.
The sorting process takes place in a specially adapted wet mill, starting with density sorting to remove overripe cherries. Then, the drier and natural beans are sorted meticulously by size from each lot. The tree dried beans used in this yellow bourbon Brazil coffee are carefully dried on a large concrete patio before being finished in a Guardiola, ensuring consistent quality throughout the lot.

Each completed lot undergoes a taste test to determine the exact flavor profile before blending, if necessary, to achieve the desired characteristics. For the Monte Cristo batch, the flavour profile includes notes of semi-sweet chocolate and stone fruits, with a great body.

Once the process is complete, the beans are sorted by size, density, and color, and then packed into poly bags, ready for shipment.

We have decided to roast this coffee as a medium roast to release its sweet chocolatey notes which complements milk based drinks