Congo Single Origin - Lake Kivu

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Coffee Profile

Roast: Light

Tasting notes: Peach I Black Tea I Sparkling Acidity


Country : Democratic Republic of Congo

Region : Eastern shores region of Lake Kivu

Farms : Small holders

Species : Arabica 

Varieties : Mixed

Processing : Washed and Sun dried

Region Detail

Our first rotating Origin coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the region of Lake Kiva

The region surrounding Lake Kiva has been producing coffee for a long time. In recent years the co-operatives and mills have seen a extensive improvement in the quality of washed grade from the DRC.

The country has an Equatorial climate, with ecosystems and landscapes that are diverse and rich.

The surrounding areas of lake Kivu are rich in minerals which helps give our coffee its unique flavour.

Many of the farms have lush mountains surrounding the region and natural shade for the coffee trees to thrive.

Our coffee is hand picked at source by the fine people of the area and is certified as Organic and Fair trade.