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The perfect combination of quality and class with Oscar ii and MDH grinder from Nuova Simonelli.

Designed to create a true authentic café experience in the home, where you can create latte art like a hardened barista pro.

The Oscar ii has a manual fill tank neatly contained inside the machine so you can place in any location.

The MDH grinder has great feature, such as the stop start grinding so you can dose the right weight of coffee for your espresso recipe.

It also has turn-dial adjustment to help with adjust the grind settings courser or finer to help dial in the coffee to the machine for the perfect extraction.


This item due to weight will be couriered by a third party, delivery times may vary and is a signed item.

Also this item is sometimes made to order by Nouva Simonelli, so delivery times can vary up to 6 weeks upon order so please do contact at first instance to confirm availability and dispatch. 

*This is a limited time promotion