Rainforest Alliance Certified Breakfast Blend

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Immerse yourself in the delectable luxury of Birchall's Rainforest Alliance Certified Breakfast Blend - an environmentally-friendly initiation to your day. This invigorating blend of premium, loose tea leaves in our generous 1,100 pack, has been handpicked from the untouched rainforests, embodying the perfect balance of flavour and freshness.

- **Premium Quality:** Start your day with our specially curated Breakfast Blend tea that combines robust flavour with a distinct smoothness, setting the tone for a fulfilling day.

- **Rainforest Alliance Certified:** Our breakfast blend is a responsible choice. Each tea leaf is handpicked from Rainforest Alliance Certified estates, ensuring fair trade, sustainable farming practices and safeguarding our ecosystem.

- **Easy Preparation:** Conveniently packed in loose tea bags, our Breakfast Blend eases your morning routine. Just steep, sip and start your day with a refreshing burst of energy.

- **Bulk Pack:** Our generous 1,100 bag pack ensures you'll have ample supply to kick-start your mornings. Perfect for both personal use and a thoughtful, sustainable gift.

- **Authentic Birchall Flavour**: We're a family-owned company with a time-honoured reputation for quality. Experience our commitment to excellence with every cup of Birchall’s Rainforest alliance Breakfast blend.

With Birchall’s Rainforest alliance Breakfast blend, not only will your tastebuds thank you, but so will our planet. Helping the environment has never tasted so good.