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Enjoy Better Coffee Grind Fresh

If you are serious about great coffee a consistent grinder is a must and this electric grinder packs a serious punch often associated with grinders at a much higher price. At the touch of a button, stale, pre-ground coffee will be a thing of the past and you can give your coffee what it deserves and enjoy better coffee at home.

The Core All Grind electric espresso and filter coffee grinder is a slim line counter top electric grinder for those who want to raise their coffee game and grind fresh. The hard wearing stainless-steel burr grinder has 40 settings from coarse to fine grind with excellent grind size consistency so you can appreciate fresh coffee your way. 

A Grind For all Coffee Makers - you can grind from fine to coarse for espresso, stovetop, filter (Twist Press or Aeropress), pour over, cafetiere (coffee press / One Brew / Brew It Stick) and cold brew. Grind from 250 microns to over 1000 microns with the greatest consistency between 400 and 800 microns. 

Simple and Easy to Clean - unlike other grinders the burrs are simple to access, clean and replace and even comes with a brush cleverly stored in the hopper. There is no need for tools and complex instructions, with the press of a button the burr can be removed and replaced in a couple of seconds. 

Consistently Excellent Coffee - the 29mm stainless steel burrs provide excellent grind size consistency ensuring even extraction when brewing. They are powered by a powerful DC motor that has a grind speed of 415 rpm reducing the harmful impact of heat on the coffee while still being quiet for use at home (approximately 75db). 

Grind on Time or Weight - the grinder has automatic 10 second increments (up to 50 seconds) as well as a manual on off button if you want to grind based on time. For those who grind on weight the removable hopper has been designed with a coffee shut off opening so it can be placed on scales and then put back on to the grinder without any spillage. 

Keep Coffee Fresh - the UV protected storage bean hopper holds up to 240 grams of whole bean coffee and can be removed with a simple twist. The included ground coffee container has a capacity of 120 grams and is also UV protected with a silicone stopper for storage.   

Use with an Espresso Machine Portafilter - for those who are looking to grind directly into a portafilter an attachment is included and is triggered when the portafilter is put in the cradle, to stop simply remove. The grinder also has a removable disperser allowing coffee to be evenly distributed when using with portafilters of various sizes.