Raising Awareness for MITO

Team Bill, the lily foundation -

Raising Awareness for MITO

Bills Blend coffee launch 

Bill's Blend Coffee has been lovingly crafted with certain characteristics in mind, mild, bright and cheerful, just like the boy himself. This unique blend coffee has been produced to
raise money and awareness for The Lily Foundation.
In 2021 Bill was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease MELAS Syndrome which is a life limiting condition currently without a cure.
The Lily Foundation provide support for sufferers and their families as well as looking into treatments with the hope of one day finding a cure.
This coffee is part of a fund raising mission by Bill's friends and family and was selected
by Bill himself in conjunction with YO1 Coffee Co.

Bills MITO battle

When faced with the news that a child’s life will be dramatically limited by an illness which has no cure it would be easy to turn bitter and negative.

That isn’t Bill’s style, nor is it his family’s and nor is it (as we have found out) the style of friends! Through a variety of fund-raising events, we aim to stay positive and raise as much money as possible for the ‘The Lily Foundation’, a charity providing support to children and families fighting Mitochondrial Diseases throughout the UK as well as funding research into treatments and cures.

The Lily Foundation was founded in Lily's memory, having lost her battle to Mitochondrial Disease at just eight months old. The charity aims to give hope, answers and support to the many other children and families that face the challenges of this disease today.

Did you know every twenty minutes a child is born who will develop Mitochondrial Disease by the age of 16!

There is no cure for this disease which is for many, debilitating and life limiting.

Please stand with us and fight Mitochondrial Disease and fight for hope.

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